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What we're about

People in this community realize four things.

One There always are, have been, and will be companies that heavily outperform the market on 1, 5 and 10 year timelines. Outperforming to an extent that they are labeled statistical outliers.

Two Those outlier companies are almost always pioneers of a new industry or technology.

Three Cathie Wood and the Ark Invest team are the tip of the spear. They provide a list of opportunities that you can invest in as a bucket (the Ark ETFs) or you can go off and decide which ones you personally have the highest conviction on.

Four If you want to retire in ten years, this is probably your best shot. This is most certainly not a guarantee that joining Cathie’s Ark will get there and it never will be. But the safe dividends of 3M, Citibank, and Exxon Mobil are a guarantee that you won’t.

You choose your own level of risk. Maybe you want to dabble in future tech by adding the Ark ETFs to your portfolio. Or maybe you want your whole portfolio to be future tech. Either way, this is what the Cathie’s Ark community is for.

We share ideas, research, knowledge, and news about the companies and ETFs involved in the Ark ecosystem. We’re supportive and excited for everyone that can win with us. And though we realize that the markets are individually zero-sum, we also know that on a small scale aggregate like Cathie’s Ark it is possible for everyone to walk away a healthy winner in ten years time. Maybe not as much as the next person 😏 but enough to make our time spent worthwhile.

What we're not about

This is not a place for quick trade ideas, buy and sell lists, "the play of the day", or posting your daily profit and loss. While many members are active traders this is about knowledge and better understanding of the companies and technology in the Ark portfolio. Sometimes we do have good discussion around trade strategy and wisdom, but we aren't hunting the quick gamble.

If the bold sentence above sounds more like what you're looking for we recommend StockTwits, Reddit, or Twitter.

So with that out of the way... there are over 3,500 members, with the number growing each day. It’s pretty great, you should check it out!

What you'll get

  • 📅 Exclusive access to the Daily Ark Digest (See below) which provides in-depth color on the daily Ark trade report
  • 🔑 30-day Members-Only Access to major posts (See below) and research from Cathie's Ark
  • 🕵🏼‍♂️ 50% discount on paid research
  • ⭐️ An incredibly smart community that provides daily insight on Ark and the companies in the Ark portfolio

📅 Snipped from the Daily Digest:

  • February 16 - ⭐️ New position ACIC (Archer Aviation) brings in the first pure eVTOL play to the Ark portfolio. We've speculated on Blade and Lockheed for awhile but eVTOL is the only thing Archer does.

    "If you can build an electric aircraft that has high performance, low cost, high safety and low noise - you have the ability to unlock a new dimension of travel - one that lives in the 3rd dimension and has almost infinite scaling potential. We believe this is the start of a new golden age of aviation that we haven’t seen in 100 years. Morgan Stanley estimates this new electric aircraft market will be $1.5 trillion by 2040." - Archer

    That's the Archer Maker pictured above... continued here.

  • February 16 - ⭐️ New Position SGFY (Signify) The first thing to note is that this company has no direct relationship to genomics. It's a US health care company that sits in a role as part insurance company and part health care provider. While not nearly as large, the best comparison would be to Kaiser Permanente, a vertically integrated health care provider out on the US west coast.

    Compared to your typical health plan Signify has two things that make it a standout... continued here.

  • January 27 - EXAS (Exact Sciences) For those new here we've talked about EXAS at length in other digests, webinar summaries, and one-off posts. Ark continues to buy into this strong price action and even highlighted the company in a roundabout way during the last webinar. As it pushes all time highs it's definitely a name and chart to keep an eye on.

    They reports earnings on Feb 9th.

  • January 7 - MGA (Magna) Sees another large purchase on what appears to be speculation that Apple may partner with them to make their EV. This would be perfectly Apple, just look at what they did for Foxconn with the iPhone. It's too early to tell but this could be a sneaky play for those so inclined to keep an eye on developments.

    It's already crept into the top half of ARKQ with a 26th weight ranking after this recent buy.

    See also from Friday Jan 8... ARKQ put cash to work. That fund was sitting on about 1.26% of its weight in cash and added another 1% after selling TSLA into this rally. The cash went to DE (John Deere), MGA (Magna), TRMB (Trimble), and Baidu. All saw buys of over 0.25% (substantial). Of those Magna picked up the lions share with a 0.75% weight buy.

  • January 5 - ROKU and U sales. While both are curious what makes them even more so is that the sales weren't offset with purchases. The purchases in ARKW were OPEN and SKLZ for a total weight of 0.22 while the sales add up to 0.47. So it's not like they sold to raise money for a buy.

    Ark started getting into Unity at the IPO, their cost average for the position is around $84. So these sales are all for a lovely profit accrued over just 4 months time. At the same time Ark has been a buyer in ARKK up until December 21. If Ark were going to sell in ARKK, they wouldn't tip their hand by liquidating in ARKW first.

    We don't know the average cost for ROKU but the ARKW/ARKK storyline holds and the position is definitely sitting on significant profit after this years run.

    Either way, we know that Ark will sit on major convictions even on days where the stock moves 40%+ (see EDIT and ONVO) so this has to be considered a bearish signal for both, at least in the short-term.

  • December 23 - REGN (Regeneron) ARKG has been snapping up the large-cap health care company in sizable chunk trades since the beginning of the month. Headlines around the company have largely been over President Trump receiving monoclonal antibodies produced by Regeneron as part of his treatment when he got Covid. A couple of weeks ago the same cocktail became available to the public. 

    It's unlikely Ark is buying for that reason. However, the catalyst does seem to center around monoclonal antibodies in general. In October of this year the FDA also approved Regeneron's REGN-EB3. A monoclonal antibody cocktail that treats Ebola, a disease with a 25-90% mortality rate. Consider that when REGN-EB3 was tested in a 2019 Congolese outbreak, it provided a 94% survival rate. That kind of effective rate for Ebola is stunning. If you speak about Ebola in countries afflicted with it you will invoke looks of terror. It's historically been considered a death sentence.

    REGN is now the 16th highest ranking in ARKG. Ark owns 0.26% of the company.

  • December 24 - 🏧 MTLS (Materialise) Profit taking. They've been selling into every rally. The ceiling in ARKQ is about 7.5% of the fund and about 2% in ARKK. This is an ownership-ceiling stock as well i.e. there is no more buying in ARKK even on share creation.

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